Your Appointment


Are you ready to discuss your options?

Are you ready to make an appointment to discuss your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery needs?

Call us on 1300 112 358 and our receptionist can work out a time that suits you. She will need to know if it’s an initial consult or follow-up appointment. An initial consult for cosmetic surgery usually needs more time, about an hour, to discuss your options.

You will need to provide your credit card number to secure the appointment, and a deposit may be required.

Then, download our initial consultation form. You can save time if you fill this in at home and either return it to us by fax (02 8824 3877) or email ( prior to your appointment, or bring the completed form with you.

Some procedures require in depth medical histories and review of your previous investigations. Please bring in any recent and relevant blood tests, X-rays or other imaging.

Before your appointment, take the time to think about what you want to achieve from your procedure. This may be increased confidence, the enhancement of your best features, or support as you recover from illness or injury.